• Smart School

    At IRM International, we believe that the long term socio economic well-being of communities is dependent on proliferation of education, thus, IRM International has funded 10 smart schools in the suburbs of the metropolitan city, Lahore in Pakistan, With the help of individual donors from United Kingdom. More than 350 orphan/street children are being educated at these 10 schools, currently.

    These smart schools are the sustainable initiatives which carry IRM International’s mission in its true meaning, i.e. mobilize global community of “haves” on wellbeing needs of “have nots” that can be fulfilled with education and ensuring sustainable development for the deprived ones. This Programme solely focuses on the sponsorship of underprivileged children in Pakistan comprising mainly of orphans, street children and refugees by raising funds from individuals and everyone who can contribute to support the educational expenses including, books, notebooks, uniform etc. for these children.

    Donors deposit their charity and donations to sponsor either one entire smart school for a year or tuition fee and other educational requirements of these children. Donors are provided complete record along with the latest photographs of their sponsored children.

    IRMI strives to impart free education, to the orphan and street children of the society when they cannot pursue their aspiration to education due to financial constraints.

    You can also enlighten the lives of the deprived ones with your contribution, Today.

    Donate Now:
    * £40 is the annual cost to take sponsorship of 1 child.
    * £850 is the cost for sponsoring 1 smart school in Pakistan for the entire year.
  • Introduction

    Education Sector of IRMI focuses on the preparation and training of in-service community school teachers for both primary and secondary education by designing and implementing training activities that enables them to use the joyful learning techniques in classrooms that increase the students’ enthusiasm and motivation.

  • Training offered under Education Section:

    Adult Learning Techniques
    Basic Teacher Training
    Management of Adult Learning Centers
    Environment & Education
    Training of School Monitors
    Training of Village Education Committee
    Workshop on School as Community Enterprise
    Workshop on Management of Community School
    All of the courses are designed to enhance the teaching and learning strategies of teachers. IRMI educational courses facilitate in content improvement of the curriculum and offers support in planning practical lesson.

  • We Specialize in:

    Teacher’s Training & Refresher
    Adult Literacy Training
    Village Education Committee Training
    Training for School Management Committee (SMC)
    Training for Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA)
    Training for School Monitors
    Training Need Assessment Reports
    Baseline Educational Surveys and Situation Analysis
    School Monitoring Reports

  • The IRMI Advantage

    Our Teachers’ Training is a step ahead and has been designed to impart advanced methods that are employed for teaching by focusing on primary education and early learning. We provide guidance, resources and a solid, seamless educational curriculum model for future educators that are responsive to a diverse and dynamic educational environment.

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