• Livelihood programme funding of IRMI for unemployed rural poor, is the key to income generation and better employment opportunities. Recent experiments in the developing world have proved that livelihood programmes for employable technical skills have a positive impact on the economic growth rate. Before initiating any livelihood funding programme, it is imperative that needs of the industrial and agricultural sector be studied in detail, to give maximum benefit to the economy and the individual. Vocational Training Program (VTP) is a built-in part of Livelihood programme, to imparts market driven technical skills to the underprivileged rural community and empower them economically


    This fast track livelihood programme is designed to empower underprivileged marginalized youth of rural areas through need-based funding with an objective to:

    • To obtain employment opportunities;
    • To provide knowledge and practice of the required attributes and challenges for setting and operating a successful enterprise, particularly a small business
    • To prepare beneficiaries to work productively in small and medium-sized enterprises and more generally for an environment in which formal, full- time wage employment may be scarce or unavailable.


    The beneficiaries of this funding programme are:

    • Marginalized rural poor
    • Underprivileged women
    • Persons with disabilities (PWD) who can become active members of the society
    • Other marginalized segments of the society.

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